About Razina

Born and raised in Torrington, Connecticut. I grew up as a first generation Asian-American for my family. I’m a fiancé, a mom of boy/girl twins alongside three dogs and two cats. I am a complete homebody, but when I am feeling adventurous - I love day trips and trying new food and coffee. I grew up in the “Warped Tour” music scene where most of my style and inspiration comes from.

Live Thrive Die Company, LLC was originally created in 2017 as a clothing company providing a message to inspire one that no matter what you do in life, put your heart and soul into it: LIVE. THRIVE. Be a DIE hard.

I had stepped back from Live Thrive Die to solely focus on getting Batchy Brew off the ground. Now that we have an amazing team of people to help run the coffee business - I have been able to find my inner happiness and to do hobbies I enjoy doing. I officially rebranded Live Thrive Die Company, LLC in 2021 for photography.

I have always had a passion for photography. It all started when I was younger and I would take my dad’s Kodak digital camera to take photographs of things I enjoyed. It was an art I felt comfortable expressing myself with rather than drawing or playing music. I thoroughly enjoy photographing raw emotion and candid photos.

Photos are timeless. Memories are forever. My goal is to help you capture your favorite moments - whether that be with your loved one, in your wedding, with a new addition to your family, or working hard at your business. My drive in life are my family and owning my own businesses, so I can help you showcase how meaningful these assets are in your life. I look forward to working with you!

Krista Annika Photography